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The Team



Manfredi Moretti | Founder & Creative Director 

Manfredi Moretti was born in Florence into a family of fashion entrepreneurs and art historians. Throughout the years, Manfredi has acquired expertise in marketing, sales, event management, which also resulted in the creation of a large international business network. In 2008, Manfredi was partner and international sales manager for Glassing eyewear and developed partnerships with many important brands, contributing significantly to the company’s success, both domestically and internationally.

Manfredi Moretti is the founder and creative director at Manfredi Style and he handpicks personally and meticulously each and every product that the company sells globally.

Manfredi gives life to Manfredi Style in 2013 with the launch of Tempo Rary Gallery in Florence, a contemporary concept showcasing several artists and designers.
From there on, Manfredi has grown the business to cover a plurality of markets in Europe, Russia, the Emirates and in 2016 he has entered into a new partnership to steer the business towards the Asia Pacific region with its new headquarters in Singapore.


Luca Bernardinetti | Chairman & Ceo

Luca, as Chairman and CEO of Manfredi Style Pte Ltd, brings his experienced leadership and true Italian heritage to our group providing the team with visionary direction and contagious spirit for items of beauty.
Growing up in Italy Luca has been around traditional craftsmanship and luxury design for most of his life. His family are long time art collectors that have been on the pursuit of excellence and expressive perfection by medium of canvass for generations. Luca brings this persistence of expressive design in the search for true contemporary craftsman to bring into our portfolio of modern day masters.
Having held senior management positions in Top-tier global banks and wealth management firms Luca shares his passion with analytical proficiency and financial expertise providing our firm with sound business practices. In this capacity he also enjoyed lecturing as a university professor and being a guest speaker to many international venues, not limited to the United Nations ESCAP and interviews with the BBC on various issues. This international interest has inspired Luca to work on a variety of successful international entrepreneurial ventures, where he brings his technicolor past of experience and tradition to other corners of the world. He sees Asia and the east as the future and seeks to integrate his Western European cultural heritage with Asian values and philosophy.

Giuliano Nesti | Brand Manager 

Giuliano Nesti was born in Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, in 1987 from Italian father and American mother, growing as bilingual and with dual citizenship. After graduation from high school goes To Florence’s University (Universita degli studi di Firenze) where he obtains a degree in Political Science. Meanwhile he works for several web sites as Journalist, interviewing important italian (and not only) sport figures, and as “young ambassador of Florence” during 2008 CEO’s association meeting-event.

In 2011 after graduating partecipates in Projects Abroad association’s project in Nepal as volounteer, teaching english in a school in Bakhtapur for the summer.

He then continues his studies at Florence’s University in International Relations, also partecipating in 2012 NMUN (national model United nations) in New York. After spending some time in Brasil, where he learns Portuguese language he starts working as Driving Guide in Florence, with professional driver and tour Escort licenses, touring visitors from foreign countries throughout the Italian peninsula. Among his clients he works with  The Radiohead, David Gilmour and other VIP’s.


Olga Bernardinetti | Chief Operating Officer

Olga Bernardinetti is Manfredi Style’s Chief Operating Officer. Olga‘s story and her connection with Italy begins with Love. Having met her soulmate, now Husband, in Italy made her first experience with Italian culture, history, and tradition a journey of the heart. With a fundamental connection to this defining ethos, Olga found an endearing passion for discovering the process of expressing and making manifest matters of human emotion. In her travels all throughout Italy she came into contact with various artists and designers that have made this their life work and she seeks to share their creative expression on a global stage.
Olga is a multi-lingual professional with over 10-years of operational management and operational risk experience in Investment Banking. Olga started her career with the leading investment bank Goldman Sachs in Moscow after obtaining her Masters Degree from The Higher School of Economics, one of Russia’s most prestigious Universities. Olga has experience managing teams, leading projects, and developing operational frameworks across the globe. Having worked in Russia, London, and Singapore she truly brings global operational management to our team with profound knowledge of business practices across markets, legal issues, and global regulation.

Riccardo Diddi | Project Manager

Riccardo Diddi was born in Prato by parents who were sales representatives. In 1988 starts working at Prato’s Confcommercio (Prato’s traders union)

 In 1994 he becomes deputy director and in 1999 Director for 10 years until 2009. He then starts collaborations with public entities like the local chamber of commerce, of which he becomes an advisor.

After 2009 starts working on his own as professional advisor and temporary manager. He also works as professional trainer and administrator for several consortiums and unions.
 He is also co-founder and sole director of an Ltd which works in Engineering business (Sintesi Architettura e Ingegneria srl) and was founding partner of Rete Leonardo, a professional network which operates in professional advice.

Kash Farouk | Uk Sales Manager


Marielle Infantado | Philippines Sales Manager


Natalya Baklarova | Head of Antiques 



Andrea Galanti | Web Designer


Jacopo Pasquini | Digital Experience Consultant


Alessandro Calamai | Project Finance Manager