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Cabinet I

Cabinet I



Cabinet I by Jorge Varela

Materials: Cast Brass, Inlay Multi-gemstone,Ebony, Walnut

Limited Edition of 10 , 2o17

Dimensions: W 85 cm x D 50 cm x H 150 cm

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Cabinet I and Cabinet II are inspired by the late medieval and renaissance par excellence Spanish furniture, the Bargueño , one of the most appreciated pieces of furniture across European courts during that time. Made out of the best materials like walnut wood, rare inlays using materials such as ebony and gem stones with splendorous luxury insides crafted by the most acclaimed Spanish artisans who were heirs of the world´s famous sumptuary Al Andalous crafts culture. For this procedure Varela and Horlitz have used a very refined building technique and noble materials such as solid cast brass for the grid structure. This structure is filled with decorated tiles made of thick cut glass with extremely delicate and intricate patterns printed on the glass. These patterns are originally developed from algorithms based on the renowned highlight art of the geometric tile patterns in the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Each one is made by fine traditional Spanish craft artisans combined with a cutting edge software and technology to resolve technical challenges of the designs.


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