Cabeza Azul

Cabeza Azul



Cabeza Azul sculpture is created by Alfredo Sosabravo in collaboration with G. Mazzotti 1903.

Dimensions: 28 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm Weight: 20 kg

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In case you are an art passionate, who loves abstract shapes and figures, then you surely will appreciate this Cabeza Azul. You can now use it to embellish your room, adding it a note of sophistication. Created by Alfredo Sosabravo and G. Mazzotti 1903, this sculpture represents an artistically shaped bust, which resembles a human head. Taking a closer look to it, you can observe the eyes and other face details, which attract the attention of the viewer.

Add this figure to your home and everyone will be impressed by your artistic style.

Weight40 kg

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