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About Us




Multidisciplinary initiative with one mission: bring unique and high-end creations around the world through art and design exhibitions, interior design projects, selected retailers, events, fairs and digital presence with its unconventional and innovative curated online gallery.

Manfredi Style starts in Florence , birthplace of Art and Craftsmanship in the world and synonymous of universal beauty. This beauty has inspired us in the selection of our products, both Italian and international : exclusive, original and innovative creations from all over the world and of different historical eras.

Collections are selected according to their origin, history and uniqueness
with special attention to the smallest details. Manfredi Style undertakes painstaking research in the constant pursuit of excellence and iconic quality to find offerings that exemplify handcrafted heritage and reinterpreted tradition.

We believe in sourcing only the best for our clients, so they can indulge their passion for exquisite contemporary and antique masterpieces.

The range of products and services we supply include Art, Design, Bespoke Craftsmanship, Antiques, Fashion and Jewelry.

Manfredi Style wants to be the leading brand dedicated to style, with a high-level selection of products, constantly updated with an online showcase in evolution, so that our clients can have renewed emotions in researching and obtaining beauty, while expressing their personal style.

Our Head Quarters have recently been moved to Singapore to establish our presence in Asia and bring luxury Italian craftsmanship to the APAC region. We currently collaborate with over 90 designers and artists from all over the world and continue to seek relationships with emerging artisans to increase the range of products we have to offer with the aim of satisfying the widest range of refined tastes.

Manfredi Style is created for all who love rarity, beauty and fine details.

We are committed to promote beauty in line with the aesthetic canons handed down by the history and tradition of “Made in Italy”.

Manfredi Style ascribes utmost importance to the philosophy of art and to the emotions that every decorative item conveys.

Its distinctive offer of “emotional creations” is personally curated by founder Manfredi Moretti